Frank and Nic’s West End Grille

Client :
Frank & Nic’s
West Side Grille

Date :
Spring 2014


Frank and Nic’s approached me in early 2014, needing a full rebuild of their site. I landed on a limited “royal” palette – Deep red, dark-dark gray, and a medium gray serving as a tertiary color. Like most restaurants their size, there was a relatively large amount of content that needed to be conveyed. The trick was doing so, with overwhelming the audience or crowding the available space. I used a collapsible menu and rotating testimonial tabs to hide unnecessary content and simplified the copy.

***The content include in the above portfolio shows the site’s apprearance at the conclusion of my development / design contract. I do not take credit nor am I responsible for any chaange to the site since. Photography via Frank and Nic’s.