“The Guniz” – Red Ridinwood

Character :
Red Ridinwood

Date :
Fall 2014


The Guniz (pronounced goo-neez) is a series of illustrated characters that I began back in early 2013. The series started in earnest as several simple character sketches and quickly grew to more than thirty. Each of the new Guniz became more and more nuanced in personality, gesture, and clothing. While they were never meant to “interact” I found that there was a certain intrigue in seeing them all compiled in a single layout. While the series was admittedly created without any real end-goal, my Guniz have since manifested as a successful canvas series, multiple large scale installations, and one even found it’s way to the front page of Baltimore’s Citypaper. All of The Guniz were created (initially) using graphite on paper. The resulting sketches were scanned, cleaned up, and colored digitally.